How To Make RC Car At Home With Arduino | Bluetooth RC Car



Remote Controlled Cars, commonly known as RC Cars, have been a source of enjoyment and amusement for people of all ages. Racing with friends or mastering your driving skills, RC cars are packed with action.

In Today's Article of the Car Series, we bring you the making of an RC car. Powered by Arduino and connected via Bluetooth to your cellular device, this car offers you more than just driving. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and control. So, read the article till the end and learn something cool today!

Required Components:

To make this the project you need the following components:

1.      Arduino Circuit Board

2.      Motor Driver L298N

3.      2W Car Chassis

4.      Bluetooth Module HC-05

5.      Battery (~15V)

6.      Jumper Wires (generic)

Circuit Diagram:

Follow this circuit diagram to patch the circuit.

Project Code:

Hardware Setup:

Watch this complete video to get a better understanding of circuit patching and code.


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