Obstacle Avoiding Car Using Servo Motor | How to use Servo Motor with Obstacle Avoiding Robot



We are glad that you Avoided many obstacles and found a straight path, just like our Obstacle Avoiding Robot. Do you want your Obstacle Avoiding Robot to solve a maze? Do you want to Upgrade your Obstacle Avoiding Robot? Today, we will be making an obstacle-avoiding robot using Servo Motor. Go through this article till the end and make your Obstacle Avoiding Robot using Servo Motor.

 What is Servo Motor? 

The servo motor is a closed-loop mechanism that incorporates positional feedback in order to control the rotational or linear speed and position. The motor is controlled with an electric signal, either analog or digital, which determines the amount of movement which represents the final command position for the shaft.

Components Required:

1)    Arduino Uno

2)    Car Chassis

3)    Motor Driver L298N

4)    Servo Motor

5)    Ultrasonic Sensor

6)    12V Battery Pack

7)      Jumper Wires

Circuit Diagram

Follow the Circuit Diagram given below to make your Obstacle Avoiding Robot


Following is the code for this project

Note: You first need to install the two libraries (Servo and NewPing) to execute this code. The direction for installing is Arduino IDE>>Sketch>>Include Library>>Manage Libraries>>Type the name of library>>Install.

Hardware Implementation and Demo:

For Detailed Hardware setup, we suggest you Watch our YouTube Video


We hope that you were able to upgrade your Obstacle Avoiding Robot. In case of any query Feel free to comment below or contact us at support@deeplift.tech

Happy Learning!


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