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How to Make Traffic Lights Using Arduino Uno | Make Traffic Control System

Introduction Vehicles moving on-road may cause unpredictable accidents leading to colossal loss of mass and life. But what is that causing the orderly movement of Vehicles? Traffic Control System. It is used to avoid accidents and to control the flow of traffic. In this project, we will be using Arduino Uno to control the timings of Led in each direction, and with this, we will guide our vehicles to move towards a particular direction. As we know, in the traffic Control System, the green led refers to move, Red is to stop, and Orange is to get ready or to slow down. We have considered Four Directions, When the Green led of Direction 1 is ON, this indicates that all the vehicles from Direction 2,3, and 4 should move towards Direction 1. Meanwhile, all the other directions i.e. those in which orange or green is not turned ON, have their red led turned ON. Afterward, Orange led of direction 2 turns ON, this indicates that all the vehicles from direction 1, 3, and 4 should get ready to m