Operating Bluetooth Module HC-05 With Arduino


Have you only used Bluetooth to transfer files between devices? Then change the way, and learn something new today. In this article, we bring you the Bluetooth Module HC-05-with which you will be able to control devices with help of Arduino and a Bluetooth App installed on your phone. Give voice commands or press buttons, interact the way you like and control your devices over Bluetooth.

This article includes Code, and a video tutorial for a hands-on learning experience.

Required Components:

1.      Arduino Board(Arduino UNO in our case)

2.      LED

3.      Bluetooth Module HC-05

4.      Jumper Wires

5.      Breadboard(optional)

Code Setup:

BlueControl App Setup:

The app we are using for this project is Arduino Bluetooth Control on Android.

If you are an IOS user then we have an alternative solution for you, ArduinoBlue on AppStore. The IOS app does not support Vocal commands. In the future, if we come across a better alternative for IOS users we will update the article.


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