Blinking LED With Arduino!

Arduino UNO is a microcontroller board- it is the brain of any electronics project. In the following project, we will use Arduino UNO to blink an LED and give a visual demonstration of how high voltages can fuse the LED.

Components Required:

1.       Arduino UNO

2.       Arduino Cable

3.       BreadBoard

4.       LED

5.       Resistor

6.       Jumper Wires


1.       Connect pin 5 of Arduino to Anode(+) of LED, which is longer lead.

2.       Connect resistor’s one lead with the shorter lead of LED, and the other lead to GND (Ground) of Arduino.

3.       Connect Arduino to your Laptop using Cable.

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Setting up Software

Copy-paste the given code on Arduino IDE and upload it on the board.

ALERT! Don’t Fuse Your LED

LED will fuse if you provide it a high voltage of 3.3/5V directly from Arduino. Let's see how it fuses in the following video:


End Note:

Congratulation! You have successfully build your first Arduino project. It’s your 1st step towards mastering Arduino projects. To learn more about Arduino boards, setting up Arduino IDE, and step by step visual demo of the blink project, watch our video:


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